The Dojo (Community)

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The Dojo is a human performance hub where like-minded 'women in wine' leaders get to learn, socialize, and grow together.

  • Monthly trainings to help you build high performing virtual teams that create deep connections with customers and team members
  • Topics ranging from personal development to health, and tips to relax
  • A community of like-minded leaders to grow and learn with you
  • 20% off Shift Happens NOW! coaching program

Building A Customer-Centric Team Culture

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The success of the team you’ve chosen to bear the responsibility of leading your organization through a culture transformation will depend on cohesiveness within the unit. Zen in the Zone's training forges cohesiveness by creating a “one mind” approach. An agile team creates an agile business (Zen of flow + Agility).
  •  Commitment to innovation
  • Decision-making, autonomy, and accountability
  • Leadership supports a culture of failing and learning
  • Freedom and empowerment to solve and challenge
  • Tap into the collective intelligence
  • Keep your ears to the ground. Listening to the insights and feedback
  • Focused on self-improvement and progress.

Shift Happens NOW!

Top features

SHIFT Happens…NOW!TM is a 6-session mindset system that helps leaders like you to:

  • Mindset: Overcome the limiting beliefs that hinder you from connecting on a deeper level
  • High Performance: Create, cultivate, and retain high performing team members
  • Servant Leadership: Learn to coach your team instead of managing them to reach high performance
  • (Re)branding Strategy: Your brand is your identity. This is the driver of your cultural evolution. We work with you to assess your current culture and develop a strategy for your brand based on your goal to reach the underserved.
  • Mindfulness: Center yourself on a daily basis to maintain inner peace so that you are continually recharged