The Dojo (Community)

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The Dojo is a human performance hub where like-minded women project managers get to learn, socialize, and grow together, as well as, share stories of office politics and workplace microaggressions.

  • Monthly trainings to help you build high performing virtual teams with deep connections
  • Topics ranging from personal development to health, and tips to relax
  • A community of like-minded leaders to grow and learn with you
  • 20% off Shift Happens NOW! coaching program

Build A High Performing Customer-Centric Team Culture

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Ten modules on infusing customer-centrism into the team culture.

By participating in this course, you'll learn how to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Boost team morale and engagement
  • Enhance communication and collaboration within your team
  • Improve team performance and productivity
  • The Four Stages of Developing a Customer-Centered Approach
  • Developing a culture of exceptional customer service
  • The significance of the culture of an organization
  • The impact of the team culture on an organization

Shift Happens NOW! Mindfulness Infused Coaching

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SHIFT Happens…NOW!TM is a 6-session mindset system that helps leaders like you to:

  • Mindset: Overcome the limiting beliefs that hinder you from connecting on a deeper level
  • High Performance: Create, cultivate, and retain high performing team members
  • Servant Leadership: Learn to coach your team instead of managing them to reach high performance
  • Mindfulness: Center yourself on a daily basis to maintain inner peace so that you are continually recharged

Virtual PMO Services

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Looking to streamline your project management processes and increase efficiency? Look no further! Our virtual PMO services offer a cost-effective solution for organizations of all sizes. Our team of experienced PMO professionals will work with you to establish project management best practices, implement project management software, and provide ongoing support and training to ensure the success of your projects. With our virtual PMO services, you'll be able to focus on delivering results while we handle the administrative tasks. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a free consultation!