4 Ways To Develop Your Resilience

Season #3

Resilience is a crucial aspect of the life of every human being. Resilience helps one to physically and psychologically adapt to challenging situations. Developing resilience harnesses inner strength that aids in bouncing back from a challenge or a setback, thus protecting one from various mental conditions. Preparing for life challenges/stresses makes it easy to go through them. Today's episode focuses on the various ways of building resilience in the face of adversity.

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Episode introduction

[00:22] Today's focus: resilience in the face of adversity

[00:59] Defining resilience

[01:28] How to build resilience

[01:40] #1 Having a growth-oriented mindset

[02:12] #2 Cultivating a support system

[02:51] #3 Regularly physical activity

[03:33] #4 Practicing mindfulness and self-care

[04:47] The importance of building resilience


Notable Quote

  • "Resilience is not about being perfect or invincible is about recognizing our strengths and weaknesses and learning from our mistakes." [04:15]

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