Self-Affirmation To Reduce Self-Control Failure

Season #3

Everyone dreams of becoming successful in life or their businesses/companies. One way of ensuring overall success is self-affirming by focusing on expressing one's core values. Research shows that self-affirming enhances self-control; thus, individuals can reason about their objectives, tasks, and goals. Self-affirmation inhibits negative feedback and other threats to the self. Therefore, self-affirmed individuals forego self-protective responses to threats and instead allow the individuals to be open to responses.

Join Shayn in today's interesting topic as she discusses an exercise to strengthen self-affirmation/willpower. She also discusses the importance/benefits of having willpower/self-affirmation. Shayn also gives a brief history of the development of willpower and the findings from various research projects.

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Introduction to this week's episode

[00:21] Today's focus; self-affirmation to reduce self-control failure

[01:53] How to express your core values to help strengthen your willpower

[02:38] #1 Think for a long and introspective period and identify your real core values

[03:17] #2 Don't pick something just because it makes you sound like a giant

[03:38] #3 Write a short essay explaining one of your core values and why it is important to you and others

[03:53] #4 You might also want to use a journal to note down the essence in which the core value has impacted your life

[04:31] #5 Express these values in the real world to supplement this exercise

[04:54] #6 Over time, you may find that this self-affirmation has increased your ability to self-control; thus, continue practicing the expression to maintain the strength of your willpower

[05:14] History of developing and strengthening willpower

[05:43] Importance of willpower/self-affirmation

[06:17] Caution concerning willpower/self-affirmation


Notable Quotes

  • "Expressing one's core values is a courageous act that affirms the self." [02:07]
  • By affirming your strength through your core values, you affirm your ability to act." [06:54]

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