Acceptance of Our Circumstance

Season #3

Life is tough, and that's a fact. There are too many problems to deal with, and often things go wrong unexpectedly. As human beings, we only have two options, to accept or reject the circumstances/events regardless of whether they are good or bad. Choosing to fight against the circumstances only worsens the situation. Join us in today's episode, where we discuss an exercise on how to accept our situations/events that have happened contrary to our hopes, dreams or plans.

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Episode introduction

[00:25] This week's focus; acceptance of our circumstances

[00:44] How to frame the circumstances in a supportive way and embrace acceptance

[02:04] Exercise to deepen our understanding of circumstances and embrace acceptance

[02:41] #1 Consider one situation/event that happened in contradiction to your hopes, dreams or plans

[03:11] #2 Write down whatever comes to mind

[03:23] Read over your description of the situation/circumstances and identify the descriptive words that stand out to you

[03:49] #3 Is there a way to reframe the story so that the energy is neutral?

[04:19] #4 How do you feel when you narrate your story of a difficult circumstance you found yourself in?

[04:57] #5 What might it be like to tell a story of your circumstances or your life as a whole?

[05:25] #6 Consider if there are any barriers to the previous question/suggestion


Notable Quotes

  • "No matter who you are, things happen in life that arise in opposition to what we hope, dream, or plan for." [00:37]
  • "Learning to accept our circumstances regardless of what they are is not about denying your preference. It's also not about denying your emotions." [01:10]
  • "Nothing you write down can be right or wrong." [02:25]

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