Is An Agile Transformation A Culture Transformation?

Season #2

Globally, companies/organizations are increasingly embracing agile transformation. Agile culture means changing how one thinks about work and how one works. The agile transformation has advantages such as increased speed, improved delivery, increased customer satisfaction, and enhanced customer and employee experience. Today's topic focuses on agile transformation, its benefits, and the core values that power it. Shayn also discusses the guidelines that lead to successful agile transformation.

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Introduction to the episode

[00:21] Today's focus: is an agile transformation a cultural transformation?

[00:40] Defining and impacts of agile transformation

[02:49] Core values that power an agile transformation process

[03:06] #1 Customer satisfaction

[03:27] #2 Communication

[03:45] #3 Collaborative

[03:50] Recommended Guidelines that increase the chances of agile transformation

[03:59] #1 Assess whether the organization is committed to embracing agile transformation

[05:44] #2 Create teams

[06:33] #3 Transfer of responsibility and accountability of decisions to the teams

[07:04] #4 Shift the perception of employees and encourage them to be independent

[07:27] #5 Give the employees enough time to adjust to the new requirements

[08:02] #6 Take it easy on the employees

[08:40] Motivation and reminders to those taking the agile transformation journey

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