Normalizing Aging in Women

Season #2

Different women constantly face issues such as divorce, menopause, and aging. One common challenge with women is embracing aging for fear of growing old. In today's episode, Shayn De Mur is joined by Jack Perez, the founder of Kuel Life. Through the platform, Jack provides an opportunity for women to share, shop, learn and play. She is a Pro-aging champion who normalizes aging through curated content and women-driven brands.

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During this episode, you will learn about the following;

[00:01] Episode introduction

[00:31] Jack Perez's bio

[01:28] Jack's journey to establishing Kuel Life  

[05:12] Who is targeted by Kuel Life?

[06:09] Concept that normalizes aging

[08:24] Why women dont embrace the aspect of aging

[10:35] Advising people having issues with the aging process

[14:17] Requirements to become a member of Kuel Life

[15:47] Recommended resources on normalizing aging

[16:54] Jack's online contacts


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