Customer Intimacy

Season #2

Welcome to Today's episode, where I discuss customer intimacy and how to develop it perfectly. For any brand to overtake the leading companies and get a larger market share, it is vital to ensure a collaborative team. Also, studying the needs and desires of the customers leads to the provision of top-notch goods and services. 

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Episode introduction

[00:27] Today's focus; customer intimacy

[00:48] What is customer intimacy

[01:16] Correlation between customer intimacy and company's Branding

[01:42] Impacts of team's perception of itself on customer intimacy

[01:58] Alignment of external and internal perceptions

[02:28] Importance of internal and external transparency in customer intimacy

[03:24] Getting your entire team on the same page

[05:38] Engaging with your customers to ensure customer intimacy

[06:43] Anticipate the customer's needs

[06:49] Identifying your customer's sweet spot

[07:20] Align the team with the market to get the most out of the market share

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