Customer Experience

Season #2

Achieving a remarkable customer experience always has a positive impact on the business. Positive customer experience results in customer retention and promotes the awareness of a business's brand. Customers have the power as they can acquire resources to educate themselves on products/services to purchase. Today's episode covers a brief introduction to customer experience.

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:01] Episode introduction

[00:21] Today's focus: customer experience overview

[01:50] Defining customer experience

[02:31] The importance of ensuring a positive experience

[03:20] Research other people's experiences

[04:28] Turning customers into brand ambassadors

[07:23] Creating great customer experiences

[07:42] Components of great experience

[07:53] #1 customer intelligence

[08:42] #2 competitive intelligence

[10:14] How to acquire 'sales as an act of love' course at a discount


Notable Quotes

  • "The power is in the hands of the customer" [02:51]


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