Building A 5 Star Team With Danielle Mulvey

Season #2

In this episode, we have invited Danielle Mulvey, a former flight attendant who now has 50 million dollars plus in annual revenue because she has a team of employees, which she refers to as the five-star employees. Today, Danielle guides us on how to be buffalo-oriented entrepreneurs and be able to recruit 5-star employees that will boost your business.

Danielle’s Journey To Entrepreneurship


During her flight attendant days, Danielle worked for one of the major airlines. Unlike Southwest Airlines, where flight attendants have complete ownership of their position and are flexible, United, Delta, and American were very rigid with their employees, including their flight attendants. Therefore, job satisfaction was far from ideal.


Similar to this, Danielle says that it's essential for business owners to grasp and comprehend the idea that you should only employ employees in your corporation whom you can trust and to whom you can delegate ownership of their position. When someone has ownership of something, they treat it differently; they treat it better.


After Danielle left the airline, she worked for an advertising and marketing agency in Nashville, Tennessee. She was dissatisfied after a year, and thus decided to start her own advertising and marketing agency.

Five-Star Rating System


When you hire people, you need to use an objective system like a five-star employee rating system to filter out the average or worse employees. However, just because someone is a two-star employee for one role doesn't mean they cannot be a five-star employee for another role.

Helping Business Owners


Danielle helps business owners define what they're looking for and not looking for in order to not repeat the same hiring mistakes they've made in the past.


Danielle emphasizes the necessity for a positive outlook; you should be clear about what you're searching for and ask detailed questions. She assists businesses in developing a simple yet thorough interview packet so they can genuinely get to know a candidate and determine whether or not they are indeed a good match for the position.

Biggest Mistake when Hiring


Entrepreneurs make recruiting decisions based too heavily on intuition and gut feelings. Additionally, they lack a system for objectively evaluating the candidate’s ability.

Difference Between Recruiter and Headhunter


A headhunter begins to build a recruitment pool by dialing potential prospects. They'll track down the individual, bring them back, and introduce them. A recruiter is a more pleasant variation of a headhunter; they are internally positioned or involve more collaboration and business representation.

Top Grading


Top grading involves assigning A, B, or C grades to employees. If someone is a C, they are kicked out and replaced with more A players.

Buffalo Oriented Entrepreneurs


A literal buffalo knows how to get through a storm fast. Similar to this, a buffalo-oriented entrepreneur knows when to stop everything, not go against the grain, and not do what everyone else is doing. They change course, fix something, and get through it faster and better.

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