Meditation Mastery Pt3

Season #2 Episode #26

4 STEPS TO MASTER MEDITATION Welcome to another fantastic episode with your host, Shayn De Mur, as I share 4 simple steps to master meditation. Meditation may at first be challenging for new beginners as it involves sitting for considerably long hours and having an "empty mind". Meditation frees the mind from selfish and clingy thoughts and thus increasing mental clarity and lowering stress. Tune in!   During this episode, you will learn about; [00:01] Introduction to the episode [00:17] Today’s focus; meditation mastery [01:30] Types of meditation: tradition and newer [02:02] How to meditate in 4 simple steps [02:12] Step #1 Sitting still and being comfortable [03:42] Step #2 Relaxing the body [07:07] Step #3 Breathing properly [08:10] Step #4 Clearing your mind [09:15] Meditating by emptying the mind of any thoughts   Notable quotes ·     “An empty mind doesn’t mean the mind is an empty shell.” [00:33] ·     “An empty mind is a mind that is free from empty thoughts.” [00:48]   Love the show? Subscribe, Rate, Review, Like, and Share! Listen directly at and subscribe to receive a free mindfulness workbook.   Connect with Shayn De Mur ·     Website; ( ·     Twitter; ( ·     Instagram; ( YouTube; (