Body Awareness (Body Scan Meditation)

Season #2 Episode #34

Body scan meditation is a type of mindfulness meditation that enables one to come to terms with the various sensations and understand how they influence their emotions. Body scan meditation involves mentally scanning the body slowly from head to toe, identifying feelings such as anxiety, stress, pain, and discomfort on specific body parts. This practice enhances body relaxation and self-awareness, leading to physical and mental health.

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During this episode, you will learn about;


[00:01] Episode introduction


[00:22] Today's focus; a guided body scan meditation


[00:43] Settle in a comfortable position


[00:51] Close your eyes or keep them slightly open


[01:18] Take in a full breath in and a long breath out


[01:36] Bring your attention to your body


[01:44] Notice the weight of the body on the chair or the floor


[02:19] Notice bodily sensations from head to toe while breathing in and out


[08:22] Notice the whole body from the top of the head to the toes


[08:47] Stay with the sense of the whole body for a few more breaths


[09:17] Continue remaining aware of your body


[09:23] Finish with a full deep breath in and a long deep breath out


[09:46] Welcome back to the present moment


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