Zen In The Zone

Kabat-Zinn (1994) suggested that mindfulness meditation is synonymous with the practice of non-doing, which is a kind of effortless effort. It is this concept of effortless effort that conceptually unites the experience of flow, peak performance, and the zone of which mindfulness has been found to be an antecedent to entering (Gardner, L., & Moore., E, 2004). * Develop greater focus and concentration * Become more resilient * Make the personal distinction between “perfectionism” and “commitment to excellence. Zen in the Zone is a coaching and training organization that focuses on high performing project managers. Our online PMP exam prep course prepares future project managers for success on the exam and our coaching program prepares project managers to be high performers in the field.” Doing business sometimes means dealing with the unforeseen or catastrophic. Having a system in place helps alleviate confusion so that you can focus on getting the business back up and running efficiently. That’s where we can help. We work with forward thinking project managers by creating a high performance system and assisting in the implementation of that system. Unlike other high performance consultants, we place as high a value on the human element as we do the systems.
Zen in the Zone utilizes a personal growth system that helps project managers to: • Connect with their higher purpose so that they discover their unique contribution to the business. • Develop their brand in congruence with their purpose so that it attracts ideal opportunities. • Perform at their highest level consistently so that their contribution has a massive impact. • Take their business to the peak level so that they are financially rewarded for their contribution. • Center themselves on a daily basis to maintain inner peace so that they are continually recharged while fulfilling their purpose.