Mindfulness For High Performance: Kabat-Zinn (1994) suggested that mindfulness meditation is synonymous with the practice of non-doing, which is a kind of effortless effort. It is this concept of effortless effort that conceptually unites the experience of flow, peak performance, and the zone of which mindfulness has been found to be an antecedent to entering (Gardner, L., & Moore., E, 2004).


Zen in the Zone is a coaching and training organization that focuses on high performing project managers. Our online PMP exam prep course prepares future project managers for success on the exam and our coaching program prepares project managers to be high performers in the field.

Online PMP Prep Course

We offer training for one of the most important industry recognized certifications for project managers – the PMP. This self-paced course prepares you for success on the exam and includes the 35 contact hours required to sit for the exam. You can also benefit from our mindfulness focus with nuggets on remaining focused and centered during the exam.

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High Performance Coaching Program

Project managers who are inevitably saddled with an enormous responsibility need a method to remain centered and focused to be effective. Our mindfulness based coaching helps them implement systems that decrease stress and increase focus on a daily basis. We also coach them to coach their team to high performance.

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